DIJOUN DA ALLST*R! The 28 year old Ultra talented Hip-Hop artist From Long Beach, Ca Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah Twitter @DIJOUNDAALLSTAR Instagram @DIJOUNDAS (Laron Dijoun Degraftenreed AKA DIJOUN DA ALLSTAR) Dijoun Da Allstar - Background Originally born in Long Beach, California in 1993, Dijoun is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. However, in 2005, he moved back to California to attend Piute Jr. high School in Lancaster. Dijoun has been pursuing music since he was 9 years old. Growing up, his idols were the legends 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, NAS, and Eminem, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Tyga, and Tech N9ne. Dijoun says that his style of music is largely inspired by these names. 
 “These people have massively impacted my music and life in general. They are my inspiration. In fact, my journey towards becoming an artist began because I wanted to influence people positively, the way these legends have influenced me over the years.’ – Dijoun Da Allstar Apart from music, Dijoun has also played cameo roles in films like ‘Rise’, and in high school musicals. He has also been involved in sports throughout high school. ‘I was quite busy with several things as I was growing up. But the sheer passion for music kept me going. And here I am, pursuing my dream, professionally. Dijoun has a unique approach to creating hip-hop. Firstly, all his songs have a sense of elegance and effortlessness, which appeals a lot to listeners. Secondly, his creations are inspired by anime – the likes of dragon ball z, dragon ball super, one punch man, Naruto, and more. The Road Was Not Easy In the early days of his career in music, Dijoun was involved with a label. Not until recently, he disbanded himself. In the meantime, he also took a 3-year long sabbatical to gather himself, and take care of his family. The ongoing pandemic has also had a personal impact on him, as he has lost his mother to the disease. After going through all of these professional and personal struggles, Dijoun is firmly determined to get his hold back.


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DEATH BT DE$IGN  lyrics 
I said it’s  by design/ 
Death by design…/

Yo  wanna see what I got
So I take my time and I be  everything Now  another line/

Now! Let me! Sit back! Get back! Lil  now hold my time!/

(Verse 1)
I said it’s  by de$ign, I know you see the Design/
DIJOUN DA  taking my time Now my  rhyme, and  bitch  to get up on my time/
Do I take her down? Nah  you  like a Nun (none)/
Number on my sign O(0)/ 
o Now now  that/
What’s your format, let me see now  that door at/
and I just  see the weed  I don’t  care bout  your hoe at/
Let me get back on that flow-mat/ And she  on my doormat/ Let me get back on my slow-mat/ Let me get back on my flow-mat 
Like hello!? 
Lil bih that’s  Came in with that jello/
Shaking everything, your  wanna f*ck on me  I’m a rebel
Let me see what I  doI put this in a  and I pop  it bitch/

You want to see me in the devil…

I’m a devil-dirtying  hurting, told you  that’s I keep that  squirting/
Never gave a f*ck y’all  wanna see what Eye got but a  gonna keep on  yoouuu!/

Yeaaaah! Yeaaah! Wait…..
 yeaaaah! Yeaaah!

(Hook 2)

I said it’s  by design/ 
Death by design…/

Yo  wanna see what I got/
Im  all my time/
And I be  everything/
Now it’s  line…./

Now! Let me Get back! Sit back!
Lil bitch.. now hold my time!/

Verse 2
Nigga you  you got it but you don’t/
Let me see what I got? what you want? 
And just sing the  When you want it!?
Aayyyye! ayyyye! ayyye!

Oooh I keep that cheddar, mobettas, I feel like a Nigga? Guerrero, you  like you  smoke a  out/

Told you  that you look like cruell-DevilLe
No shields, 
no skills?
 Y’all  so for real? 
I been that same  overkill 
now y’all  real…oooh ooh 

(Ending Hook melodies)
Death by de$ign 
Hah! Oooh  
I said  by des$ign
Oooh oooh 
Death by de$ign.. I said  by de$ign.. 

Huh hmm yeaah! Yeaaaaaaaah! Huh?  yeeeeah! 

Death by de$ign.. I said  by de$ign.. 

Death by de$ign.. I said  by de$ign.. 

now I’m just  with niggas…

Yeaaaaah yeeeeah! 


Yeaaaaah yeeeeah! 


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Written by: Laron dijoun Degraftenreed

Submitted by DijounDaallstar on July 29, 2021

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