Good Bye Dave

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Good Bye Dave

Yo… Dave… why it  look, shook? like you just woke up and  up  cave? Now  up  Dickie, this shit’s not that tricky, just try’n to  your eye,  for my break, foreal… no lie…

I’m in Ohio  there’s we got room for just the one Dave… and and it goes to my man Dave Chappelle… and if he were ever to  us…in all due an fairness, I’d come out  like “I’m Rick Jame’s!” And you’d come out  like your Buck Nasty’s Aunus.

Loose and sloppy, like you mama are raps too weak, not just boreline’n they’re  bar and need’n a tweak. Mine aren’t just sick… and no they’re not just vicious…. like  food  the  Paula Deen’s busicuits… both  and delicious, yet so  and so  clean.

Me? I’m on fleek, you? just a geek… and Not to be to  but  is open and your stock’s  fall, like a… ball and rock in sock  from a 5000 feet, now in  f*****g free fall. 

And when come to d**k size don’t even get started, when his  asks, did you  it in my a*s … Nope?… well?… then  she  just farted, don’t get me started, you need to drop the mic and  being an artist…cause your  just  and he said as  that you’ll  flourish, and to you  change your  path and that you’d He said try  a florist, and if  get tough, find a gay bay and go blow gay tourist.
genital  well there’s no  when one’s a beef  and the other’s a mistake…let’s be  ,  looks  and  with disease… plus there’s the  gem, and your  ass gots to sit down  he or she’s  to pee’s, come on,  please, ask for  on not one but  knees. Beside,  compared to me, you  never ever dare,  a  hog and next to your well… what look like an  with hair.

 chum in the  and this jaws is a chargin’
I’m the  Yankees,  your ass, who lets  call you a Marlin.

I’m the  view, you just some  down on street…Your  is way  and down  sketchy yep… just as I deduced…mom’s  and not even  to my  

If the look your  for is  or   geek, Bro, you got it down, but it your s**t ain’t  And  you reek like a dog shit on  if this shit ever hits, you  turn states, and  change it to  Brown.

So yeah you rich,  and  famous 
meanwhile I’m   here  down, bored, and fame-less, ….shameless… I’m here in Akron, you east side of  
Why it took this long for me to be    knock you down flat.
Here I am, damn near shoeless, and how to get out I’m clueless…Ask any Jackson, like  Bo or Joe, My  just gleam’n like J Fox as QB  Beamen I rap like a  and by way I  just look’n for a meeting. 

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Written by: John Enderby

Submitted by JohnWilliam.Enderby on October 09, 2021


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